Magic Wand Car Wash Systems

Qualtec LLC supports Magic Wands full equipment line. There isn’t a part for any of their machines out there that we don’t have or can’t make. Whether you want to keep your Magic Wand equipment going for the next 10 years or you want to replace it, we are your source.

Below are some examples of the MANY things we can help you with.
Reprogramming PLC
Upgrade to new PLC
Repairing broken touch screens
Adding air weep
Replace VFD
Replace error display
Rebuild cabled remotes
Rebuild drive gearboxes
Replace gearboxes
Replace mercury switches
Replace F5 motor/gearbox assembly
Replace carriage rollers
Replace front/back motors
Replace left, right, rotate motors
Rebuild pumps
Add lava wax system
Upgrade to arch chem system (saves 50% or more wear on equipment)

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