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The CryptoPay system mimics a coin/bill mechanism. It sends output pulses to a timer, one pulse per coin of payment. When a customer swipes his card, the card is validated, and then a certain number of pulses are sent to the timer, starting the carwash.

You can accept any combination of Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. The credit card merchant application allows you to pick which cards you will be accepting.

What you need to purchase:
CryptoPay Swiper (one needed per bay or vacuum)
CryptoPay coordinator unit (one per carwash location)
AC power adapter and antenna for the coordinator (included with coordinator)
Ethernet cable
Signs (one per swiper) to match your configuration (count up/down)

CryptoPay consolidates transactions so that you pay only one transaction fee per customer visit. In addition, CryptoPay costs much less to purchase and install than competing system.
What is consolidation?
Imagine that a customer visits your carwash. He swipes his credit card to start the carwash, and is charge $4.50 to wash his car. Ten minutes later swipes his card again at the vacuum, and is charged $1.00. CryptoPay combines these two charges into one $5.50 charge that is submitted to the credit card company, which results in only one merchant fee for the purchase. Other systems would charge one fee for each separate purchase — twice the fees for one customer visit.

Using CryptoPay to process credit cards requires a few things:
The Coordinator requires 110VAC.
The Coordinator requires an internet connection.
Each swiper requires 24VAC input power.
Each swiper will output a low pulse to indicate coins. This signal is meant to connect to a timer input.
Each swiper will require approximately 1.8″ x 4.25″ of area on a suitable mounting surface. Be sure that the card can exit the swiper without running into bricks, metal, etc.
A merchant account with a credit card processor will be required. QualTec will assist you with setting up this account.

CryptoPay never exposes card data “in the clear”. The information which is read from the customer’s card is encrypted in the reader head before it is ever handled. The data can only be decrypted by the processor at a secure facility. Nobody else can recover PAN (Primary Account Number) data. In the event that the internet is down or the system is otherwise unable to process cards, the swipers will hold the encrypted card swipes until processing resumes. When a card has been authorized, the encrypted card data is deleted from the system.

CryptoPay swipers can be individually configured for either count-up or count-down mode. In count-down mode, the swiper will start by sending the minimum charge in coin pulses to the timer. Both the timer and swiper count down the seconds of the wash. If the user presses the swiper button, one coin will be added to his credit card charge, and one coin pulse will be sent to the timer, adding more time to the remaining wash time. In count-up mode, the swiper starts the wash with the minimum charge. When the minimum charge (time) has been exceeded, the swiper sends one coin pulse every few seconds to account for the increased time of the wash. When the customer is done, he presses the swiper button to stop the wash and end the charges. The timer is able to display the final charge, which is the total of the coins pulses that it received. Note that count-up mode only works with Dixmor timers manufactured in the past five years and running a recent version of embedded firmware. Note that firmware upgrades are available to older Dixmor timers and may allow the advanced count-up features to be added. To determine if your timer can be upgraded, call QualTec at 1-844-800-5090.

CryptoPay will work with any timer in count-down mode, as long as the timer accepts a low-going pulse for coin inputs.

For each swiper, all of the following are configurable, and each swiper can be configured differently:
Profile – Count-down or Count-up or Vend-only
Minimum charge
Maximum charge
Coin value (cents per coin pulse)
Seconds of run time per coin
Coin signal type (Coin for most timers, Card for recent Dixmor timers with special credit card features)
Amex acceptance

The CryptoPay system is designed to keep operating if at all possible. If the internet connection is interrupted, the system saves encrypted card swipes, and submits them when the internet connection is re-established. The system can save about 80 swipes per swiper. This should allow at least a few days to resolve any problems that occur. If the Coordinator were to quit working, a replacement can be installed quickly to take over. If a swiper quits working, it can be replaced.

The CryptoPay system will provide online receipts for your customers. The system works like this: Near the swiper is a sign that directs the customer to visit to collect his receipt. The customer can visit the site, enter some of his card information (name, last 4 digits, and expiration date), and receive his receipt in PDF format. This feature is available for $15 per month billed annually.

CryptoPay plugs into the internet using a standard Ethernet cable, the one with an RJ-45 connector (it looks like a fat telephone plug). It cannot connect to your router using a wireless (WiFi) connection.

Typically you will be adding new internet DSL service to your carwash, which will be connected via a standard phone line. It is also possible to connect using a cable TV internet service, satellite service, etc. It may be possible to locate the coordinator in a building near the carwash with an existing internet connection.

The speed of the internet connection is not important. CryptoPay uses very little bandwidth and even the slowest connection speed will work fine. Estimated bandwidth for a typical carwash is less than 500MB/month.


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